Our Mission
We are here to help your small business grow and compete the with the big guys. The Design Outpost™ was founded after our founders Kendra Patton and Collin Salvo received their BFA in Graphic Design. They noticed a trend, design is scary to a lot of clients. It can feel corporate and scary. We wanted to create an diverse and laid back design environment. No work is too difficult from designing a fantasy book cover to creating a brand story for a local boutique our ever growing skills will help your business soar in a whole new way. 
Our Team
Kendra Patton
Kendra has a deep love for the environment around her. Her work is meant to portray both motion and emotion. She finds beauty in the simplest forms and she strives to find the innate reason for why something works. Her clean sense of design brings a refined freshness to The Design Outpost™ team.
Collin Salvo
Collin has an obsession with pop culture and specifically the worlds that pop culture create. With design, he wants to find ways to make each brand feel rich and full of character, a brand that tells a story. His crazy sense of color and illustrative instincts help The Design Outpost™ form a wider depth of design.
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